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Just got my IW LP and got all excited when I started to open the box and saw a print, but turned out to be two print tote bags at the top of the box and all three dresses are non-print.
The LP added up to ¥84,237
¥4,620 in Brown x Pink
¥2,625 in Black x Pink
(would have been nice to get both poodle items in brown, or both in black)
¥6,195 in Green (has lots of colors in the print that will coord w/other IW solids in my wardrobe)
¥24,990 in Beige, Green (which is more like a pale mint), it’s super cute hope it looks good on me.
¥23,940 in Brown. Great for SteamPunk cords.
¥21,840 in Sax. very 50s retro. Classic and basic enough it can be worn to work.
Super late, but better late than never.

Cut to my blog

To be honest, I wasn't entirely happy about it. There wasn't much variety to my pack.

Also as a side note, I was put on the waiting list, but was able to obtain a pack in the end. A part of me suspects I just got the leftovers with the high number of blouses..

Meta Summer Lucky Packs and Special Sets

10,800 Yen: Items in this set are: full shirred waist skirt, blouse, socks, a few items such as hair accessory and accessory

* You can NOT choose the color of the items in the set.
* Items in this bag are worth approx. 30000 yen (* before-tax price)

21,600 Yen Princess Wardrobe Special Set
Princess Wardrobe series comes 4 types and in 3 colors; black, beige, and gray.
A super-saver & mistery bag from IW
¥30,000 choice of size S, M, L
Items with shirred backs can be found regardless of sizes.
As you might know, sizes don't mean its length as usual. Explains how to place an order. is the link to the Order Form (for orders shipping outside of Japan).
Golden Week Lucky Packs/Happy Packs:
BABY Happy Pack ¥16,200(tax in)
PIRATES Happy Pack ¥16,200(tax in)
*The contents of the set, please leave it to the staff.「2014-gw-happy-pack」販売決定!notification-about-2014-gw-happy-pack/

Innocent World Oddment Items Lucky Packs A &B

Oddment Items Lucky Pack A¥50,000(without tax)
You can save up big, because this pack includes clothes and accessories that are worth 250,000 Yen

Oddment Items Lucky Pack B ¥80,000(without tax)
You can save up big, because this pack includes clothes and accessories that are worth 400,000 Yen

Here's our Lucky Pack with oddment items and B-grade items, available only at our overseas sales
Please be forewarned that since the items are oddments and B-grade items, we cannot accept returns or exchanges.
We're afraid that we can't ship the pack with orders for other items just because the senders differ
We will start selling them on Saturday, April 12th! Supplies are limited, so come early.
Limited to one (1) pack per customer. In-store purchase only; no phone or email orders.
BABY Pack - $225 +tax
BABY & A/P Pack - $175 +tax
A/P Pack - $175 +tax

BABY packs will fit M-L sizes. Packs with A/P items will fit M size only.

Innocent World Happy Pack B ♪

Better late than never, here I show you what I got in my IW lucky pack :D ♪

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Meta Winter Lucky Pack 2013

I got this two weeks ago, and you've seen the same contents a many times already, but I figure I post mine, too.

Magical Painting a go go!!

I'd post the bag it came in, but it's plastered with customs!! :o The bag is their white oneCollapse )

I'm happy overall with what I got. A keeper!! Much like my Happy Bell set.

Bodyline Lucky Pack


It's my first Lucky pack that I received the last week. I shall have liked ordering an AP Lucky pack, but I wasn't enough fast.

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Thank you for reading!

And sorry for my bad english^^

I love to see what everyone got in their lucky packs so I thought I should share my lucky gets as well. I'll start with the lucky pack from Innocent World, I've ordered lucky packs from them before and felt pretty sure that I wouldn't be disappointed.

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Metamorphose 2013 Winter Lucky Pack Opening

Hi guys, I really wanted to share this really belated post because this is my first time posting here and my first lucky pack purchase EVER!
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Emily Temple Cute 2014 Lucky Pack

I've been stalking this community for a long time and all the reviews posted here have been very helpful for me. It's my first time posting (and it's also been years since I posted to lj as well), so forgive me if I'm screwing anything up ><

I got my lucky pack on Wednesday, but never managed to take proper pictures of the clothes so I'm posting now. I ordered it online on January the 1st at 00:00 (and it got sold out in 3 minutes xD) and I was pretty happy about it, because I couldn't go to Harajuku on that day. I also failed to reserve the lucky packs from Innocent World and Btssb so it was my only chance.

What I got is not very different from the previous compilation post, but I thought I'd share my review anyway.
I can't say I'm completely satisfied, as I was expecting something a lot better from this brand.
What I mostly didn't like about it, was that half of it was black. I would've preferred a brighter jumper skirt at least, but it was just my luck. But most of it is wearable and worth the price.

Very image heavy :D

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BTSSB 2014 New Years Lucky Pack Restock

Cherry Rose Jumper skirt SET ¥19,740
The BABY SET’s jumper skirt will be available in choice of PINK or BLACK.
Contents: Jumper skirt, round collar blouse, ribbon head bow, over knee socks, synthetic leather bag, kuma kumya chan mini mini.

BABY S/S Variety Lucky SET¥10,290
Inside, you can find a Jumper skirt or a One piece and a blouse or a headdress, etc. 4 or more items from our spring-summer season collections will be included.

December IW Happy Pack C Opening

So a few weeks ago, I explained on EGL that there was some confusion and my boyfriend and I had both ordered IW's winter lucky pack. (I bought mine, and then found out later that he had also purchased one as a surprise gift for the holidays.) This is the first time I received two LPs in a given run, so I thought it'd be interesting to compare the experience for the two.

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Innocent World Lucky Pack Restock

Restock of the size M (the S and L are sold out):
• 2014 New Year Happy Set¥15,750
• 2014 New Year Happy Set ¥21,000
• Oddment Items Lucky Pack A ¥31,500

“Without fail, you can get at least one each of dresses and smaller items with this set”

IW december Happy Pack A opening

This is my first ever lucky pack!
I ordered this lucky pack the beginning of December and it shipped out just before the new year. I received it yesterday (it was faster than I expected).

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