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Meta Skirt Lucky pack Winter 2015

This year there was no choice of light or dark pack. I ordered my luckypack on 23rd of December. I didn't get any tracking number notification, so on January the 6th I decided to send them an email. They have sent me a tracking number promptly, and today the luckypack arrived. I had my fingers crossed not to get the pack with the mint blouse, and of course, it is exactly what I got :( I'm not lucky at all.

I got the same tote bag as the others (nice print, I'd prefer a skirt out of it), unkown socks, lace hairclip (reminds me of huge lace headbows worn in the 80s) and a bracelet. I was disappointed, because on the promo there were necklaces, not bracelets. I wear necklaces more often than bracelets, this one is cute, but cheaply made. Quality wise, the tote bag is better than a last year bag, more sturdy and made of thicker fabric. Socks are cute, I never wear overknees but I decided to keep them. They are more like thigh highs on me :) I'm keeping everything except the bracelet.

Now to the disappointing part. The skirt is Pattisiere Dream mini skirt in sax, specially made for lucky pack version as far as I can see from the lace. It has lining and a fully-shirred waist. The colors look softer in person than in the promo pic, it's pastel and not as gaudy as I thought. The skirt is cute, but not my style at all. I'll try to sell or trade it.

Now the blouse. Very cute, very detailed, made out of soft 'pearskin' polyesther fabric, it fit's nicely - but the color matches nothing I own. I like it, it's a nice sea foam shade, but I have no ideas what to wear it with (except maybe white or pink). If I got this blouse in white or cream, I'd be all over the moon. I'll also try to sell or trade it.


All in all, I'm really disappointed in this lucky pack. I totally understand that having blind choice is the drawback of getting stuff for cheap, and also part of the appeal. I just think I should stop ordering luckypacks from Meta for a while. I like their items, but they seem to put mostly unpopular sweet releases in their luckypacks, and their sweet prints are not my taste. Also they are really hard to sell even after reducing price. So I should either try ordering from other brands like IW for a change, or just hunt the lucky pack items on sales comm afterwards. So I'm left with socks, a hairclip and a tote - cute stuff, but not really worth it.

That's all, thank you for checking and I hope you'll be lucky!


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Jan. 9th, 2015 07:11 pm (UTC)
I got the same bracelet that I'll try and sell.

I do think the pattern for their Pattisiere Dream line is cute. I got it in black. Be that as it may, I'm either going to sell it or do a DT (the print is too busy for me, but I don't dislike it).
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