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My Meta lucky pack

For summer 2015.

I'm not completely disappointed. There are two items I will keep and the other ones will be put up on eBay within a matter of days.

Partial back shirring, removal bows, removable back ribbon, short sleeved white blouse; will sell. Not saying I don't dislike it. I do. I'm actually kind of leaning towards long sleeved blouses.


Sweet Shooting star frill skirt, full shirred waist, no boarder, in pastel pink. Very cute!! Will sell. I love all colours, but I'm leaning towards colours that suit me better. Pink and pastels = awesome, though.


The two items I will keep: the socks and hair accessory.

(Pardon my picture. It make look like they have yellow/brown stains, but they don't. It's the lighting and shadows)